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‘I braved frostbite and exhaustion to prove to myself I am capable of anything’

Maddy Turnbull is an ordinary woman who is capable of extraordinary things. The 45-year-old from Marple, Greater Manchester, achieved an incredible feat as part of the first ever all-female team from the UK to successfully cross the north-south Finnmark Plateau in Norway. The gruelling 200km trek on skis, was made even tougher by the huge […]

Care home residents play a giant game of Kerplunk to lift spirits amid lockdown

Care home residents play giant home-made Kerplunk Coronavirus has hit many of us hard. And for care home residents, it’s been even more difficult and lonely as they can’t have any visitors. But some care homes have found brilliant ways to deal with the situation, like a massive game of Hungry Hippos which most of […]

Mum with cancer ticks off bucket list at home as she lives in isolation

A mum with terminal cancer will tick off her bucket list at home as she fears the coronavirus pandemic will see her live out her final days in isolation. Rhiann Breen, 31, of Newport in Wales, first felt a lump in her left breast while looking at a bruise caused by her son Max, who […]

Some baby formula milk contains more sugar than Fanta

A worrying new study has raised questions over sugar levels in formula baby milk, which in some cases contain twice as much as Fanta. Researchers found that ready to drink formula milk for babies under 12 months was found to contain as much as 8.7 grammes of added sugar per 100 millilitres, compared to 4.6 […]

Students build calculator that shows how many lives we can save by isolating

It’s an odd time, and many of us right now feel powerless in the wake of COVID-19’s spread. Although many have highlighted how this pandemic has brought out something of a wartime spirit, the best thing we can do to fight this isn’t to come together – it’s to stay at home. While that may […]

My Quarantine Routine: Elly, a mum-of-two who had to shut down her workshop

The coronavirus lockdown has meant that many businesses have had to temporarily close as they aren’t deemed as essential. Although most business owners know it is for the best and know that the government is offering financial support, shutting up shop is still heartbreaking. Today on My Quarantine Routine, we’re talking to Elly Simmons, who […]

There is no Muslim problem with sexual grooming

Our series The State of Racism has been running over the past six weeks to illuminate just how prevalent racism is in the UK. We’ve also been highlighting the unique dilemmas faced by certain groups, from black mums, to South Asian Muslims. But every time I have written about Muslims, I have received one recurring […]