Shin-Soo Choo to give $1,000 to each Rangers minor leaguer

Earlier this week Major League Baseball announced that it will make payments of $400 a week to each minor leaguer through May 31. That’s helpful for minor leaguers who, as everyone knows at this point, mostly live on a shoestring. Texas Rangers DH/OF Shin-Soo Choo is pitching in with some supplemental help, however, and is […]

Students build calculator that shows how many lives we can save by isolating

It’s an odd time, and many of us right now feel powerless in the wake of COVID-19’s spread. Although many have highlighted how this pandemic has brought out something of a wartime spirit, the best thing we can do to fight this isn’t to come together – it’s to stay at home. While that may […]

EU exec proposes shorter work hours to prevent layoffs amid epidemic

The EU executive proposed on Wednesday a wage-subsidy scheme to encourage employers to cut workers’ hours rather than their jobs amid the coronavirus epidemic, a plan that could be worth 100 billion euros in borrowing guaranteed by all EU countries. The proposal might find favour in Italy, Spain, France and other countries which last week […]

Zoom found leaking personal user data, could also facilitate stealing your Windows sign-in credentials

Zoom recently got out of a messy situation where its iOS app was secretly sharing data with Facebook, but now another problem has reared its head that potentially affects user privacy on all platforms because of how the software’s ‘Company Directory’ feature works. Zoom’s sky-rocketing popularity seems to be a mixed blessing for the company, […]

Death tolls in California and Louisiana hint at the urgency to ‘flatten the curve’

In California and Louisiana, two of the states hardest hit by the coronavirus, the difference of a handful of days is starting to show just how important social distancing has been to limiting the spread of the pandemic. On March 23, Louisiana surpassed California in total dead from the coronavirus even though California has more […]

MLB execs discussing 100-game season that would begin July 1

Matt Spiegel of 670 The Score Chicago heard from a source that Major League Baseball executives have been discussing a 100-game season that would begin on July 1 and conclude on October 15. It would essentially pick up the second half schedule, eliminating the All-Star Game while hosting the World Series at a neutral warm-weather […]

My Quarantine Routine: Elly, a mum-of-two who had to shut down her workshop

The coronavirus lockdown has meant that many businesses have had to temporarily close as they aren’t deemed as essential. Although most business owners know it is for the best and know that the government is offering financial support, shutting up shop is still heartbreaking. Today on My Quarantine Routine, we’re talking to Elly Simmons, who […]

Banks wary of liquidity extend expensive, shorter-dated credit to GE

General Electric Co is asking its lenders to replace US$20bn in revolving loans with a new debt package that will come with a smaller size and shorter maturities, sources said. The new loans, that will come at the reduced size of US$15bn, are a testament to a changing bank landscape as firms seek to get […]

DoorDash begins offering convenience store delivery

To say the world’s delivery infrastructure is a bit strained at the moment would be a massive understatement. Covid-19 has forced millions of people to remain in their homes, and those individuals have become increasingly reliant on grocery and food delivery services as a result. The likes of Uber Eats, Amazon Prime Now (and plain […]

Colombian restaurant’s ‘Solidarity Menu’ offers free meals at a crucial time

Emiliano Moscoso fights back tears. Moscoso’s chain of brightly colored restaurants, Sierra Nevada, serves hamburgers and milkshakes in Colombia’s capital of Bogota. In the poorer districts of that same city, a rising number of people are going hungry because they have lost their livelihoods in the coronavirus outbreak. Moscoso weeps for them. But he has […]